Federico Sanchez - Ida & Vuelta

From the minimalist wonder of
Norte II  to the frenetic synths of
Mars Landing, Federico’s sound is an 
effortless mix of the traditional 
and the modern.

Digital cumbia specialist Federico
Randall’s first solo album is a work
of madness combined with beauty.

Future Sounds of Buenos Aires

FSOBA is an album compiling the key
players in the Argentine electronic scene
that are famous for revolutionizing traditional music from the roots of South America by updating it to the digital world of 2010´s
in which we live.


A multinational album, ZZK Sound Vol. 2 has got one foot planted on in Argentina and the other dancing around the world. 


The essential compilation from ZZK Records. Ideal for DJs who want to rock new sounds on the dancefloor and for those invididuals we love, those always looking for new sounds to enjoy. 

The Peronists - Nacionalismo Electrónico

Tucumán-born Federico Sánchez has
a singular way of adding electronic ingredients
to cumbia, the most popular genre in our country.

That might be the reason for his use
of peronist iconography, customized with
the same transformation with which he
modifies tropical rythms.

From that electro-cumbiesque, audiovisual
combination, something original is born,
moving our minds with psychedelic deliriums
as our bodies move to the beat.

They move quite a lot.
And have taken him all through the world,
since the realease of Nacionalismo Electrónico,
our favourite cumbia album for sure.