music on my radar

Music on my Radar

So Inagawa - Selfless State

Very nice vibes from the begining and steady mood to keep yourself well induced in the bubble, loving the chords and micro voice samples, a nice track to relax and enjoy.


Tokio Techno Drive - Sekitova Hundread Years House Dub

When i found this track i allready felt that rush to burn into a CD-R as first track for another for driving compilation (i´ve many of those and love them).

I dont know how or why, but thats probably the magic of music, when you hear just a couple of seconds and you´re allready in the mood and can visualize a situation, that in this case, the artist wanted to communicate, that nice sensation of sound isolation when you get in the car and start to floating aroud the streets.


Harrison BDP - Dust

We all have been at that very low and bizarre place, and what´s the remedy ??

Well there may be many of them, but this track, is one of those medicine mood booster you need for that moment and let the life roll another bite.

Once the atmosphere is stablished, you just enjoy.

Omar feat. Stevie Wonder - Feeling You (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

All i know is that i burned this track in a CD-R a couple of years ago and anytime it sounded, (even if i found the first built-up a bit boring) all of the sudden im singing and dancing.

I really like the sound pallete in the production, is clever and soft, but steady and groovy enough.